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Episode Reviews For Megaman NT Warrior

Episode 1

Lan Hikari is regualar  boy in the year 200X. He lives in a world with PETs.(Personal Electronic Terminals)  "Net Battles".Inside the PET there is a net navi. You use them to jack into the net delete viruses, play and just have some fun. You can also netbattle. A digital battle on the net against a friend or an enemy or anybody.After getting destroyed by his friend Dex Lan goes home, sad that he could not beat Dex. He knew only if he could have a custimized navi, he could defeat Dex. Lan gets e-mail from his father which has some data for a custimized navi. Lan is so happy and starts to download. It doesn't seem to work at first so Lan is disapointed again so he goes to sleep. He doesn't seem to realize at that very moment Megaman EXE. was being downloaded! 

Lan  got up from sleep hereing lots of noise like a people calling him... " Lan get up, you'll be late for school." Lan is astonished by Megaman's apearance. He is really happy again. But suddenly a fire occured! Lan grabbed Megaman and ran downstairs and jacked in to the oven where the fire started. In the oven was very hot. Finnaly Megaman was able to spot someone. His name was Fireman. Lan sends a crossgun chip to Megaman. Fireman gets hurt and his operater, Mr.Match jacks him out. Lan and Megaman   saved their home! 

Episode 2

Dex is reprograming Gutsman (His netnavi) and suddenly gets bit by a robotic cat! He has to go to the hospital. Lan and Mayl go to visit him at the hospital. Later they go in to a furtune teller shop. They meet Ms.Mari there. A robotic dog steals Ms.Mari's purse so Lan and Mayl chase after it. It goes into the subway. Lan and Mayl go in. Lan gets the purse but now they have a bigger problem... the subway is about to crash! Lan jacks in to the computer and finds a strong netnavi called Elecman. Megaman gets the beating of is life but after Lan unpluggs the other part of the train to the one that is about to crash he sends Megaman a sword chip and deletes Elecman. Lan quickly gets out of the bus. He goes back to the furtune teller shop and returns Ms.Mari's purse. Dex gets jealous of Lan and braggs that he could do the same. The subway is save... for now. 



Episode 3

 The crimes that have occured in the past two episodes for all caused by and crime orginazation called the WWW(World Three) Their plot is to destroy the real world and the net. Anyways a new studdent arrives in Lan's school. She is only 6, she's smart, she's rich and she has a big shiny forehead. Her name is Yai! She is also a showoff and fussy. At lunch time ahe refuses to eat the cafetaria food and brings her own steak with strawberry milk. When Yai is going home there is a problem with the traffic lights and she needs to go to the bathroom bad! Lan and Mayl decide to get her a gift at DenCity but when they see the traffic problem Lan and Mayl forget about the gift. Lan gets Yai and takes her to the bathroom. Then he jacks in to a traffic signal. He finds Colorman ad deletes him easily with a widesword. The day is saved for both the City and Yai! I will add more later. Please be patient.

Episode 4
In this episode Masa forces Lan and and the rest of the gang to eat lots of Calcium. Then he started giving them lessons about fish. All of a sudden the whole city was filled with floating fishes! Lan jacked in to the server of the Water place and got beatin up by the viruses! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then he finds an elecsword chip and used it and it worked against one virus and then Sharkman came and saved the day. THE END

Episode 5
Episode four is when Mr.Higsby comes in the show. At first he appears as a bad guy but then he is a good guy and a friend of Lan and the rest of the gang. Lan gets up late woken up by Megaman as usual. He rushes to school and he is late. Mr.Higsby happens to be a new teacher. This is his disguise for the moment. The next day after school Lan remembers that he was suposed to help Ms.Mari with some work. When he gets there Higsby takes over the school and he makes Yai to netbattle. Eventully she accepts and Gylde is dying and then Rockman comes in and wins! Higsby promises he'll be good and the day is saved!