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Character Biographies

On this page I'll put biagrophies of the main characters, enemies, and allies of the Tv show Megaman NT Warrior!


Rockman EXE (Megaman EXE)

Rockman is Lan's faitful navi. When Rockman and Lan bond they can beat anybody except Chaud and Protoman because they are stronger and their bond is stronger than Rockman and Lan.


This is Lan Hikari. He is a punk who can't admit Protoman and Chaud are stronger than him and Megaman. He may look determind but at the same time he looks weak. He is strong but he can't beat Protoman and he is also a third class netbattler.


Forte ( Bass)
This is the strong and invinceable Forte! He was created by Dr.Cossak, an expert programer. Forte and Wiley eventully team up and they plan to take over the world and destroy it!


This is the fattso GUTSMAN. he thinks he is the greatest and he likes Roll.EXE a whole lot. his owner is the confident Dex. They think they can beat Lan but everytime they try they always lose.


Blues (Protoman)

This is my favorite character in my show, Protoman! (His japenese name is Blues) He is stronger than Rockman and Lan and he is loyal to his cool and strong operater Chaud Blaze.


This is the strong Chaud Blaze the strongest netbattler in the world! He is stronger than Lan and that's final. He trains with Protoman alot and he won the N1 Grand Prix. Chaud is also rich and and a first class official netbattler.