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Hey Rockman fans, I got a new e-mail address. It's It has been a bit sad that they don't air NT Warriar anymore. That really sucks. I mean it only been on KidsWb for a few months. How cra**y can it get? Anyways I decided not to do Episode Reviews because i ain't a very fast typer and it waistes a lot of time. Besides I don't even know all the episodes by heart so I have to do a lot of reading. So I will change that lik into something else. There aren't many new stuff about NT Warriar or the games since they are not airing NT Warriar anymore. Well SEE YAH!!!!!!
Genius Aref Ahmed

 WASSUPPPPPPPPP!!!!! I finnaly decided to edit all this dumb stuff. Ya all should by Pokemon Colluseam Tony Hawk's Underground, NBA Live 2004, DragonballZ Budakai 2, DragonballZ Taiketsu, ESPN Basketball 2004, And a lot of stuff and accseseries like that. Sonic DX is getting old even though I don't got that. I'm gonna get it even if it is old, because it sure is fun! If you wanna chat with me on MSN messanger my e-mail is so send me an e-mail there and tell me your msn address and we'll chat. If yah don't have Msn messanger then get it because I aint gettin another account. To get the messanger yah gotta be a member of MSN. Its easy just go to Msn and Sign up. Easy as that.


Aref Ahmed ( NBAstar10956)







Now this is a nice game for the Sony PlayStation2.( You can get it for Gamecube and Xbox as well.) It's NBA Street. I've played this game but I haven't played NBA Street Volume2 yet. This one made it to the greatest hits so I guesed I would write about this game. You can do new tricks that you couldn't do in any previous basketball games, You can jump higher then before, and the graphics are awesome and realistic. This game is a hit so go to a local store and buy this game! Enjoy!


This game is Megaman Battle Network 3 Whtie Version. I got this version instead of the Blue Version because the white version is the original one from Japan translated to english. Blue may be better but White is better for a collecter. I don't want to get Blue because it is basically like White except the Bass GS chip is stronger and you get better chips. White Version all the way!!!