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Saiyan Saga

One day the hero Goku has to attend a reunion. When he gets there his brother Raditz comes and kiddnaps Gohan. Piccolo and Goku go and fight him. But Piccolo and Goku are no match for Raditz. Suddenly Goku pulls Raditz'es tail a Saiyan's weakness. Raditz tricks Goku of letting go and then Raditz beats Goku up badly. Gohan breaks through the saiyan space pod at the sight of seeing his dad get hurt. He hits Raditz and Raditz actually gets hurt! Goku then grabs Raditz while Piccolo gets the " Special Beam Cannon" ready. He fires and kills both Raditz and Goku die. Raditz says that he is stupid for killing Goku. Piccolo tells Raditz about the dragonballs and Raditz says that his scouter is also a voice transmeter and two other saiyans were coming to Earth to wish for immortality. Goku is at the check in station and is ready to get training from King Kai the kai of the north part of the universe. He has to go through Snake Way and unfortunatly he falls off and goes to the Home for infinite losers. He meets to people and asks them how to get back up to Snake way. They say there is no way to get back up but they say if Goku beats them in a fight they will tell him a secret to getting back up. Goku does so and goes on to the other man. This time he has to catch the guy. He does and they tell him the secret and he is back on Snake Way. Mean while Piccolo is training Gohan. Gohan is scared at first but the he gets used to it. Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chaitzu are training with Kami. Finnaly Goku gets to King Kai. King Kai says he wouldn't train him untill he does three things. The first thing was to catch Bubbles a pet monkey King Kai keeps. After a while Goku gets him. The second thinh was to wack Gregory ( A friend of King Kai) with a hammer. Goku tried but he couldn't keep up with his speed. King Kai calls a break to eat. King Kai tells Goku about the story of the saiyans. After that they they train again. Goku wacks Gregory with the hammer. The third thing was to make King Kai laugh. He did easily and the real training had begun! After a years training Goku was ready. He learned lots of tecniques but the two best were the Kaioken tecnique and the Spirit Bomb tecnique. Bulma wished Goku back to life and he was on his way! Before Goku started the saiyan's already arrived! There names were Nappa and Vegeta. They made the Z warriors fight them but Yamcha died. Chaitzu got angry and attacked but died too. Tien couldn't take it anymore so he attacked as well but got one of his arms ripped off! Then he died as well. Piccolo and Krillin beat the rest of the Saibaman. Then they fought Nappa but Piccolo died. Just when he died Goku arrived at the scene! He beat up Nappa and then Nappa asked Vegeta to help him. Vegeta pretened to help him and then killed him. Vegeta and Goku were fighting now. Goku used Kaiokenx5. He was winning. Vegeta realized that he couldn't beat Goku so He transformed to a Oozaro ( Giant Apes saiyan's transform into when there is a full moon.) Goku doesn't stand a chance now so he used the Spirit Bomb tecnique. This is a tecnique were you gather energy from every single micro mechinisum from the planet. Goku coildn't gather enough energy before Vegeta grabed him. Yajarobi ( A friend of Goku's and Bulma's brother.) sliced of Vegeta's tail with his sword. Goku was to weak to use the spirit bomb so he gave it to Krillin. Krillin fired and Vegeta bloced it and it went to Gohan! But Gohan actually made it go to Vegeta. Vegeta didn't die but he was he was living barely. Krillin was gonna kill him but Goku told him to let him go. THE END OF THE SAIYAN SAGA FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ON THE NEXT SAGA!


I will but more sagas later. Please be patient.


                        Namek Saga


        Since Piccolo has died, so has Kami, the guardian of Earth, which means Bulma, Krillen, Gohan, and Goku can't wish back Yamcha, Tien, Chautzau, and Piccolo. So Bulma, Krillen and Gohan go to the planet Namek to find the namekian dragonballs so that they can wish back Piccolo so that they can go back to Earth and summon the Earth's dragon to wish back the rest of the wimps. When they arrive on Namek  They find out Vegeta is there. NOTE: I WILL UPDATE THIS LATER BUT I GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!