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Ultimate DBZ Site
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This site is all about DBZ, The finest action cartoon on the planet. I'm not gonna tell you what's on this site. You'll have to find it out on your own. Just look around. You just might like what you see....

DragonballZ is about a man named Goku. His real name is Kakarot. He is a saiyan who was sent away from his home planet Vegeta to go to earth and conquer it. He was found by a old man named Gohan. Gohan adoped him and named him Goku. Goku was a child who hated everybody. He always wanted to fight and he was always angry. One day he fell sown a hill and bumped his head. He lost his memory and thought he was a human not a saiyan. He found out he was a saiyan by his brother Raditz when he came to earth to ask him if he wants to join there group of saiyans to destroy. Goku says no way so Raditz takes Goku's son Gohan ( Goku named his son Gohan in honor of his grandpa's name.) so Goku had to defeat him with the help of Piccolo but in the end Goku and Raditz die. Raditz'es words were that two more saiyans were coming to earth. Goku trains with King Kai, Gohan trains with Piccolo, and Krillin, Tien, Chaitzo, and Yamcha train with Kami. One year pass and the saiyans come. Every Z warrior fights the duo Vegeta and Nappa but the only two surviving were Krillin and Gohan. Goku comes and beats Nappa and Vegeta  but Nappa dies while Vegeta survives. And from that day on Goku is the defender of Earth. He has to manipulate all evil till peace returns. After that he beats Freiza by turning Super Saiyan, His son Gohan defeats Cell, and Goku defeats Kidd Buu and then Dragonball Gt, the sequal to DragonballZ starts. If you have anything to say you can contact me at Also you can contact me at newyorker2100@yahoo!.com.   Oh yah its all about the man Goku!